The Board of Directors of Arts in the Park have announced the cancellation of the 2020 Arts in the Park.

"It is certainly with heavy hearts that we have chosen to make this difficult decision.

The Covid-19 virus has changed our lives, our outlooks and our concerns for friends, families and businesses. In making this difficult decision, our Board of Directors considered many different factors.

This would have been the 32nd year for this event which is a professionally organized, community-based family event. It has been made possible by the dozens of generous sponsors and donors who have supported this event every year.

Planning for Arts in the Park takes the time and effort of many devoted volunteers. Contracts are signed, artists and vendors are booked, permits are obtained, and commitments are made well in advance of the opening of the event.

Unfortunately, the dates of June 27 and 28 are approaching quickly. We are not able to, nor are we willing to ask sponsors, donors, artists and our community in general to make financial commitments under the current circumstances.

The Board of Directors remain fully committed to the future success of this event and we look forward to seeing everyone during our 2021 event."

Amy Thompson
Arts in the Park


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